This post is about an alternative firmware available for the Nebulae 2 (Neb2) eurorack module.

The eurorack module and most of the underlying software is made by Qu-Bit Electronix. Thank you!

The firmware available here is made by an enthusiast for these various sound platforms. I am not affiliated with Qu-Bit and the software hasn't been officially sanctioned by them. (The software is pretty cool, though!)

The version of firmware for this post is: danish06

To use this file:

Click the DOWNLOAD button to the right -->
Open the .zip file that downloads to your computer.
It will unzip to a folder with 2 files inside:

a) a README file with a few instructions, and
b) the file to be installed on your module, called ""

Follow Qu-Bit's instructions for loading firmware files on your Neb2.

This "danish##" firmware is based on Qu-Bit's 2.1.2 version. Newer versions of danish firmware are compatible with older versions unless otherwise specified. 



danish06 (28Jun2019):

  Allows PD instruments to be loaded and run without crashing.

  Improves the robustness of the code.

  Correctly sets speed and pitch settings in Code/config/defaultnebsettings.txt


danish05 (20Jun2019):

  Includes code to allow user instruments to use red recording LEDs and reset (eol) LEDs if desired.

  Includes code to allow other 'unique instrument' methods to work with user instruments.

  Extends code to facilitate communication from Csound to python.

  Includes the code that allows the module to be powered up correctly after being powered down with a user instrument loaded and running.


Known issues:

None at this time.


Click for current and older versions of the "danish##" firmware for the Neb2.

The firmware available here is not an official version of the firmware from Qu-Bit. The files available here are alternative versions of the software available from Qu-Bit. Please use these alternative versions at your own risk. (It is recommended that you keep a copy of the official firmware file from Qu-Bit, in case you need to reinstall an official version to your module.)