This post is about an alternative firmware available for the Nebulae 2 (Neb2) eurorack module.

The eurorack module and most of the underlying software is made by Qu-Bit Electronix. Thank you!

The firmware available here is made by an enthusiast for these various sound platforms. I am not affiliated with Qu-Bit and the software hasn't been officially sanctioned by them. (The software is pretty cool, though!)

The version of the firmware for this post is: danish05

To use this file:

Click the DOWNLOAD button to the right -->
Open the .zip file that downloads to your computer.
It will unzip to a folder with 2 files inside:

a) a README file with a few instructions, and
b) the file to be installed on your module, called ""

Follow Qu-Bit's instructions for loading firmware files on your Neb2.

The danish05 firmware is based on Qu-Bit's 2.1.2 version. 

Main differences between the danish05 version of the firmware and Qu-Bit's 2.1.2 version of the firmware:

The danish05 firmware allows Neb2 user instruments to be coded to use the following:

      • Red recording LEDs
      • Reset LED at end-of-loop (eol)

There are other enhancements as well.

Known issues:

Pure Data (PD) instruments do not load correctly with this version of the firmware. If you load a PD instrument, the Neb2 module will crash. Restarting/rebooting the module will load the previous instrument that was working.

Click for current and older versions of the "danish##" firmware for the Neb2.

The firmware available here is not an official version of the firmware from Qu-Bit. The files available here are alternative versions of the software available from Qu-Bit. Please use these alternative versions at your own risk. (It is recommended that you keep a copy of the official firmware file from Qu-Bit, in case you need to reinstall an official version to your module.)