This post is about a user instrument available for the Nebulae 2 (Neb2) eurorack module.

The eurorack module and most of the underlying software is made by Qu-Bit Electronix. Thank you!

The instrument available here is made by an enthusiast for these various sound platforms. I am not affiliated with Qu-Bit and the software hasn't been officially sanctioned by them. (The software is pretty cool, though!)

The name of the instrument in this post is: newSize05danish.instr

To use this file:

Click the DOWNLOAD button to the right -->
Open the .zip file that downloads to your computer.
It will unzip to a folder with 2 files inside:

a) a README file with a few instructions, and
b) the instrument file to be installed on your module

Follow Qu-Bit's instructions for loading instrument files on your Neb2.


The instrument that accompanies this Readme file is called: newSize05danish.instr

It is based on the default instrument (a_granularlooper.instr) of the Neb2.

newSize05danish.instr was developed to perform similarly to the default instrument. The differences are in the way the 'start' control interacts with the size of a loop. (The size of a loop is the percentage of total loop length or playing time.)


A) In the default instrument, the size of the loop gets shorter as the 'start' controls (knob and/or CV) are increased.

In newSize05danish.instr, the size of the loop is not affected by the 'start' controls. The size of the loop is determined by the 'size' controls.

NOTE: in both instruments, the size of a loop can be shortened by use of the 'reset' controls.


B) In the default instrument, when 'source' is in "Live" mode, there is never any non-loop silence between the end of one loop and the beginning of the next loop.

In newSize05danish.instr, when 'source' is in "Live" mode, there is non-loop silence between loops whenever the loop size is set to be larger than the total loop length minus start time. (For instance, let's say the total loop length is 100%. If the 'size' controls are set to play 70% of that loop length time, and the 'start' controls are set to skip the first 50% of the loop, then there will be some silence (20% of (total loop length * 'speed')) at the end of each playing of the loop.)

If there are other differences, I have forgotten to mention them, or they are unintended artifacts of the code. Please check back here from time to time for the most current information.

Happy wiggling!


This instrument works best when the module is running the latest version of danish## firmware, found on this site.

The instrument available here is not an official instrument from Qu-Bit. I think the software described in this post works well, but recognize that software is like speech - sometimes we express things that are not exactly what we meant or intended. Please use these instruments on your module at your own risk. (It is recommended that you keep a copy of the official firmware file from Qu-Bit, in case you need to reinstall an official version to your module.)